Graphing Basic Functions with Translations and Refections

Notes on graphing functions using transformations. We cover rigid translations and reflections as well as domain and range.

   1. Relations, Graphs, and Functions
   2. Graphing the Basic Functions
   3. Using Transformations to Graph Functions

YouTube Video Tutorials:

Solving Absolute Value Equations, Quadratic (Polynomial), and Rational Inequalities using Sign Charts

Free math notes on solving absolute value equations and polynomial (including quadratic) and rational inequalities using a sign chart.
   1.  Absolute Value Equations
   2.  Absolute Value Inequalities
   3.  Quadratic Inequalities
   4.  Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

YouTube Videos: Click on a problem to see it worked out in YouTube.

Absolute Value Equations:

Absolute Value Inequalities

Quadratic Inequalities:

Polynomial and Rational Inequalities