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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Elementary Algebra Exam #1

Click on the 10 question exam covering topics in chapters 1 and 2. Give yourself one hour to try all of the problems and then come back and check your answers.



Solve and graph all solutions on a number line.

10. The perimeter of a rectangle is 54 feet.  If the length is 3 feet less than twice the width, find the dimensions of the rectangle. (Set up an algebraic equation and use it to solve this problem.)
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Linear Inequalities (one variable)

Solve and graph the solution set. 
(I.N. stands for interval notation here.)
Instructional Video: Introduction to Interval Notation
Compound inequalities can be split up or solved in one step like the following examples.

Instructional Video: Compound Inequalities

Average Problem: Clint wishes to earn a B which is an average of at least 80 but not more than 90.  What range must he score on the fourth exam if the first three were 65, 75, and 90?
Commission Problem: Bill earns $12.00 plus $0.25 for every person he gets to register to vote. How many people must he register to earn at least $50.00 for the day?
Video Examples on YouTube:

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