Graphing Lines – The Definitive Guide

Many students do not enjoy graphing and find it very difficult to do. This no-nonsense guide is designed to ease the pain and quickly get you up to speed. You will learn three methods for graphing lines. Each method is laid out in clear and concise way showing each and every step.  It’s easier than you think, I will show you how.  As a bonus, I will also show you how to find equations of lines, parallel or perpendicular, using two easy methods.

Table of Contents: ( COMING SOON: I will post and link as I go.)
Part I:
  1. The Rectangular Coordinate System
  2. Graphing Method 1: Plotting Points 
  3. Graphing Method 2: Using Intercepts
  4. Graphing Method 3: Using the y-intercept and Slope

  1. Finding Equations of Lines – Parallel and Perpendicular
  2. Equations Method 1: Using Slope-Intercept Form
  3. Equations Method 2: Using Point-Slope Form