Chapter 6 Sample Test Questions

Click here for a worksheet containing 20 sample test questions with answers.

Example: Given the function:
   a. Calculate f(0).
   b. Find all values of x for which f(x) = 0.
 Example: Find a quadratic equation with integer coefficients and the following solution set.
Example: The product of two consecutive odd positive integers is eleven less than 10 times the larger. Find the integers.
Example: The length of a rectangle is 6 centimeters longer than twice its width. If the area is 140 square centimeters, find the dimensions of the rectangle.
Example: The cost of a particular car in dollars can be approximated by the function:
Here x represents the age of the car in years.

   a. Use the graph to determine the cost of the car when it was new?
   b. How old will the car be when it reaches its minimum cost?
   c. How much is this car worth when it reaches 5 years old?