Chapter 4 Sample Test Questions

Click here for a worksheet containing 20 sample test questions with answers.

Example: Solve the system using the graphing method:

Example: Solve the system using the substitution method:

Example: Solve the system using the addition method:

Interest Problem: Marsha has $4,500 saved up in two different accounts. She has a savings account earning 2% in annual interest and a CD earning 5% annual interest. How much does she have in each account if her total interest for the year was $198?

Answer: Marsha has $900 in savings and $3,600 in the CD.

Geometry Problem: The length of a rectangular garden is 3 feet less than twice the width. If the perimeter measures 54 feet then what are the dimensions of the garden?
Solve using the substitution method.
Distance Problem: Al can row his boat 30 miles downstream to the general store in 3 hours. The return trip, against the current will take him 5 hours. How fast is the river current?
Answer: The river current is flowing at 2 miles per hour.

Geometry Problem: Two angles are supplementary and one angle is 45 degrees less than 4 times the other. Find the two angles.
Graph all solutions to the system of inequalities: